Curriculum Standards

There are many ways to relate The Tech Challenge to what your students are doing in the classroom!


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The Tech Challenge aligns with the engineering design standards, a core idea K-12.  

The design process—engineers’ basic approach to problem solving—involves many different practices. They include problem definition, model development and use, investigation, analysis and interpretation of data, application of mathematics and computational thinking, and determination of solutions. These engineering practices incorporate specialized knowledge about criteria and constraints, modeling and analysis, and optimization and trade-offs.

Engineering design standards:


Common Core Standards (CCSS)

What is the difference between the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Science and the NGSS?

The CCSS Literacy Standards were written to help students meet the particular challenges of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language in their respective fields-in this case, science. The literacy standards do not replace science standards-they supplement them. The NGSS lays out the core ideas and practices in science that students should master in preparation for college and careers.


21st Century Skills

The Tech Challenge helps students build 21st Century Skills.  To learn more about 21st Century Skills click here.