The Tech Museum of Innovation believes every young person should have the opportunity to explore hands-on design. Thanks to The Tech Challenge, such opportunities have been captivating and inspiring Silicon Valley youth for nearly three decades. 

This annual team design challenge introduces and reinforces the engineering design process with a hands-on project aimed at solving a real-world problem. Previous events have inspired students to use wind to transport water, deliver geological instruments to the top of a volcano, and rid the Earth's orbit of “space junk.” Teams document each step of their process, including testing, brainstorming, and – most importantly – what they learn through experimentation and failure.
Open, accessible and affordable for all boys and girls in grades 4-12, The Tech Challenge reinforces 21st century skills, including creativity, problem-solving, design, risk-taking, learning from failure and perseverance. 
If you have questions regarding The Tech Challenge, call 408-795-6133 or email